Not the slang ‘word’.

Word, as in, my word for the year.

Ya know, a lot of people I think, spiritually and otherwise, choose a word every new year and try to exemplify it the whole year through. Theoretically it’s supposed to improve your life in some fashion.

Last year, I chose simplify.

I chose this not only spiritually, mentally, emotionally but materialistically. I wanted to downsize in a lot of ways. In some ways, I really did well, all glory to God, and some ways I did really badly, all slacking on me. I chose it because I looked around and saw a plethera of junk, not necessarily bad stuff but stuff that I didn’t need, didn’t bring happiness, cluttered and got in the way. So between moving and a yard sale once we moved (I really tried to go through it all as I packed, but then I got here and realized I still had things I didn’t need/want). I really got rid of a lot at that yard sale. But I’m looking around still thinking ‘simplify it’! Another way I’ve not simplified enough is this blog. I really wanted to make it a priority, to produce amazing content and do it consistently but I feel like I’m always behind on other things so the blog suffers. This is where my word for 2017 comes in.

Sidenote- it seems like other see using these words for yearly change motivation as a one and done kind of deal. I see them as building blocks. If I did last years word well enough, it should be so ingrained that I just keep up with it, so then the next year I do a new word and then by the next year that word is so ingrained that I keep doing that.

So, with all this being said, my word for 2017 is Self-Control. I lack this in a lot of areas. I lack it in finances, eating habits, exercising, relationships (not extra-martially for the nosey people, but I mean being christian-like in all relationships), emotionally, mentally. As you can see, I feel like I need more self-control in pretty much all areas.

I sincerely hope that 2017 is good to us all, but if it’s not, I hope we see God in it anyways.

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