Utility Room/Butler’s Pantry


I call it both, utility room and butler’s pantry because I want both so much and I can’t decide which way I want to go with it. I feel like, after having put all my small appliances on it, I could style food better than those awkward things.

This room was a tan color, with cream colored trim, and tan flooring. Beige everywhere is not my thing, and I needed a serious amount of storage, so I went to Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. It seems like I get as much out of the Instagram design community for ideas as I do Pinterest. It’s a plethora of awesomeness.

This post, about my floor transformation was inspired by this post from Designer trapped in a lawyer’s body. You can do it, too! Frugal and lovely! Two of my favorite things!

I bought a shelving unit, all metal, at Lowe’s (approximately $95). I love a good industrial look. Mix it with some farmhouse and this girl is swooning. I would suggest measuring, thank the good Lord it fit because this girl bought it on a whim, a very bad habit of mine.

These photos are after.

I’m still working on styling them, so don’t be too harsh, I just wanted to show what I have so far.

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