Preparing for a Road Trip

So, in case you didn’t read here or here about my upcoming trip to Texas…I’m going to Texas! I’m so excited. Road tripping about 1200 miles with my sister to see family and go to Magnolia Market is going to be so good. JoJo- if you’re reading, please be at your store the day I’m there, it’ll be better than meeting Mickey Mouse for me!

I usually start making trip and packing lists about a month in advance but since I didn’t have any real plans a month ago, I started last week. So far, I have made 4 separate, categorized lists. My family thinks I’m nuts, but I promise if I don’t get organized like this I’m like a hot mess the whole trip.

How do y’all pack? Do you just wing it? I had friends at 4H camp that just bought a couple of totes and starting throwing stuff in. I tried, I really did. I tried that method. It makes me crazy. Do you make lists like me?

Anyway, I thought I would share basic parts of my lists and how they’re broken down incase you’re too neurotic for your own good like me!

Here’s the big picture

Okay, so then I start putting things in each category.

The first section is Events/Attractions:

I had originally wanted to visit Magnolia Market during their Spring Vendor Fair at the Silo’s, but the dates didn’t work out, so that got scratched off. Now under the Waco heading is: Magnolia Market, with the hours and days they’re open (because our trip itinerary isn’t final) and special instructions (like parking). Then I have other places I want to hit while I’m there like The Findery and Laverty’s. I’ll add the same information under those places. I also have listed Round Top because the Spring Antique Fair is going on while I’m down south, but I’m not sure we’ll go there; I have the information in case.

The second section is ‘To Pack’:

I’ll start with my overnight bag. Since it’s a decently long trip, we’re going to stop when we get to a comfortable place and spend the night. So, that bag will have things like my: straightener, makeup, toothbrush, toothpaste, deoderant, perfume, phone charger, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, medicines, glasses, notebook, Bible, jammies, swimwear, undies, outfit for the next day, lotion, thermometer, planner, and feminine hygiene products.

Then my suitcase: blow dryer, curling iron, hair products, jewelry, qtips, nail products, facewash, tablet, laptop and cord, razor, shave gel, external hard drive, blanket, pillows, outfits, and extra shoes.

Last are the things for the car and cooler: an atlas (yes I know, kind of obsolete now, but I prefer to have hard copy back up!), sunglasses, car charger, money for tolls, camera, drinks, snacks, baby wipes, furniture blankets, and sunglass wipes. I’m taking food with me to make breakfast for my family there so that’s what I’m using the cooler for mostly in addition to drinks for the trip.

The last list I made is my to dos prior to the trip. The week before I need to do things like: bath my dogs, get an oil change, check the fluids in my car, detail my car, make playlists (because who wants to listen to 16 hours of crappy songs), and clean our my fridge. The day before the trip I do things like: call all accounts I could need to spend from so they don’t shut off my access mid-trip, do my nails, and make food for my man. The last part is the few things I need to do the morning that we leave: adjust the house thermometer, take out the trash, feed and water my dogs, and lock everything up.

I sincerely appreciate y’all reading about my quirkiness. Have you taken a long trip in a car? Where to? Tell me, tell me, tell me!!!

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