Buffet Boo-Boo

So, not long ago, I posted about re-vamping my upstairs bathroom in our last house on the cheap.

(which mostly means paint did the work).




Well, when I did that breathtaking (literally) job, I also had a fan running just outside the door so it would dry quicker.

Maybe I should have set it inside the bathroom and shut the door, but I started getting woos-y when I was spraying and the air helped.

But it didn’t help the buffet on the other side of the fan.

It is my grandmothers and is close to 80 years old from what I can figure.

It had a nice layer of white paint on it when I was finished.

The original stain on the piece is like a dark walnut I’d say.

My mom googled how to get the paint off.


Lots of articles said to use denatured alcohol, a razor blade and a rag.

I would suggest having a wet rag (with regular tap water) and some lemon oil on hand too.

I started just dabbing on the denatured alcohol and it did help that way, but I felt like I was getting nowhere fast so I started dribbling little bits of it on and scraping lightly with a razor blade.

That did help more, but it also dried out the wood so fast that it left white areas.



The razor blade scraped it without nicking the wood, but it also took the clear finish off the wood.

#0000 steel wool took the white areas out and some lemon oil coated on several times brought some life back to the wood.


I could stand to put a coat of polyurethane on the top just to seal it up but I was so glad that that white spray paint came out!


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