Delayed Prayers

“If God answered every prayer you’ve prayed for the past month, how would that further the global cause for Christ?”

I just loved this quote on @morganharringtonart ‘s Instagram.

I’ve post in the past about “the wait” but I don’t think from this angle.

Let’s back up instead of thinking in terms of my baby.

We need to think about when my mom had me and my husband’s momma had him.

My parents tried for 8 years before having me. I am 2 years older than my husband. My husband’s mom had a miscarriage before him. So, if I had been born 8 years sooner I would be 10 years older than him, which doesn’t make our relationship impossible but a lot more unlikely. If he had been the baby his mom miscarried then she wouldn’t have had my man, he might have been someone else’s man, or a girl. (No I’m not bashing homosexual couples, I’m just not homosexual so it wouldn’t have worked.) There are so many ways that this could have not worked out.  I was born with pneumonia and my lungs collapsed shortly after birth. The treatments they used to keep me alive had the possibility of causing brain or physical disabilities- God said otherwise. When my husband was 17, he got a staph infection in his arm, probably from a spider bite, that was hours and inches away from killing him if the infection had made it to his heart. God said otherwise.

I’m not saying that I have this patience/gracefully waiting thing under control. I have days that seem like everyone ever in the history of ever ever is pregnant, especially that one girl, I don’t like that had next to no trouble getting knocked up. But God has a plan, and I’m pretty sure it includes getting me to stop thinking things like I just typed.  He’s changing me. All these situations I walk in to, I always think ‘how can I help them’, but usually I’m the one getting the help. It challenges me. It breaks me down. And what is built back up is always better than what was there before. It’s more compassionate, more loving, and more vulnerable and I like all that. The more vulnerable I am toward and for God, the more I feel Him in my every day. & if you’ve ever felt that, then all you want to do is feel it more.

I do believe that God’s going to give me a baby.

But I also believe He uses different methods to get our attention.


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