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Hi there!

I’m Stephanie, owner, found, CEO, housekeeper, lead designer, financial adviser and all other jobs as needed of Stephanie Griffith Home.

I’m so glad you’ve found my blog.

I started it as an answer to a calling from God in my life.

I have been navigating my way through infertility for about 3 years now. We just recently started using medications and I update you with what’s going on through all this on the ‘Infertility’ tab. I also post the stories of others who have been through it there weekly for #mommaheartmonday. I’d love to post your story. Please email me if you’d like to share and I’ll be happy to send you rules and specifications.

The other part of my blog, home design, has been my passion since I was about 10. I love rearranging, organizing, reworking, decorating, staging, etc etc etc. I am always working on something and I post about that under the ‘My Home’ tab.

I’d love to collaborate. If you’d like to work together, please check out my ‘Legal’ page then shoot me an email [here] or a message on Instagram [here].



My Testimony

There are so many ways, looking back, that I can see God calling me closer to Him.

From the beginning: It took my parents 8 years to have me, so to say infertility has been a part of my whole life is almost an understatement. I was hard to have and my future babes are hard to have. I was born with problems. [If you’re eating dinner, I would advise to come back to this later] I had a bowel movement in the womb, which caused pneumonia. A few days after birth, my lungs collapsed. I was kept a live by a ventilator and the medical staff informed my parents that if I survived I would have mental and physical disabilities. I am happy to report, that aside from being kind of quirky and the normal amount of crazy, I’m a pretty normal person. I have no physical or mental disabilities and other than extremely mild sporadic asthma, I don’t have lung issues. God really can do anything!

Growing up was pretty standard- good grades, some sports, yadda yadda. College is where things get wonky. The fall that I started at the university of my dreams, I started dating a guy I had liked in high school. In about a years time we were engaged and by the next January we were married. Two shaky, bad years later, we were divorced. My world was turned upside down. I was broke, both financially and in heart. I was unsure- I hadn’t finished my degree and the job I had didn’t pay all the bills I was left with. The whole plan I had was messed up. I was mad that it hadn’t turned out the right way. Marriages last forever, right? When you marry, you marry for life? I guess not. Little did I know, that was such a blessing. I’m not downing him or anything, I just see now how amazing such a hard time can turn out to be. I know the Bible does not condone divorce, I’m not supporting it, I think marriage should be forever, but God took something I messed up and turned it into something He could use.

At that time, I can’t honestly say I wasn’t devoted to God. I knew what I should be doing, to an extent, but I wasn’t doing it. So in the fall of the year I was divorced, I decided to move back to the university I left to get married. I moved by myself, got a job, and started taking classes again. I failed. I failed most of the classes I took that fall. I couldn’t do the job I had signed up to do. I couldn’t make rent on the apartment I had leased. Thank the Lord that He provided for me through my parents. I don’t know what else I would have done. I moved back in with them, subletted the apartment, quit college again, and got a job close to home. I dated a couple times, but it just didn’t feel right. I had a feeling that something was coming. Like the perfect man for me was on his way, just as fast as he could get there.

That spring, I decided, with my friend, that we would have a night out. Like at a bar. Mind you, this was only the second bar I’d been in in my 23 years. I stood out like a sore thumb. So, we have to back up a few days though. A different friend worked at a hotel in town and sometimes when I was close I’d stop in to see her and chat. While I was talking to her one evening a work crew came in. They stood in the foyer for a few minutes before going up to their rooms. I noticed a tall one. A tall, rough looking, bearded, handsome one. When they had gone, I looked at my friend and said “If the big one wants a date, give him my #”. We giggled like 14 year olds and left it at that. Three days later, guess who walked into that bar? Yup. My Man. For blog purposes, we’ll call him Mountain. We talked that night, I ended up going back to his hotel room, and without making anyone blush, we talked a lot. No seriously, it was totally innocent, just talking and laughing. Within 6 months we were living together in his hometown [3 hours from mine] [I know, I know, we shouldn’t have been living together] and the next September we were married.

Talk about hard. One month after we met, he called me from jail. DUI. I’d like to say that was enough to make us stop drinking, but it wasn’t. It did slow down after that, well, we at least didn’t drink of week nights and we didn’t drink and drive anymore. Can you imagine! Thank the Lord that we didn’t kill anyone while we were being so incredibly dumb. We continued our hard lifestyle until the fall that my dad died. Him dying didn’t totally change that part, it changed everything slowly. I don’t even remember what I was like before my dad dying. I was suddenly more responsible for things than I’d ever been in my life.

We went in with my mom and bought a house all together since she wouldn’t be needing the house her and my dad had, it was just too much to take care of. God just links things so perfectly. That next year, we started getting closer to other members of my family. My cousin and her husband came up to go to the rodeo with us. We attended a college football game with my other cousin. We spend a lot more time in my hometown. It was all linking. The next Spring, the last day of April to be exact, in 2012, my cousin’s husband was in a wreck that left him with a traumatic brain injury that he’s still recovering from. We went from not knowing what was going to happen to the medical staff saying to tell him goodbye to him coming home and going to extensive physical rehab a year later. I serve a God who can do anything. You can read more of their story [here]. It’s long, but so worth the read. I am so blessed to be this close to something so amazing. The day after he wrecked, my husband was saved. The man in the wreck, Phillip, had been praying for Mountain and working on him since they’d met. I say I was saved when I was 10, but there was no change in my heart, so I claim my salvation to the same day as Mountain’s.

You don’t know how two souls being saved can change a marriage. Or maybe you do? I’m not saying we don’t disagree and have hard times, but man, the change that comes when you’re committed to God first then your spouse. I don’t know how some go through life without God. He calms my anxiety, He gives peace to my chaotic mind, He speaks to my heart in comfort. His grace knows no bounds. I couldn’t get through the hard stuff without Him and the easy stuff is so much sweeter. If you don’t know Him, you’re missing out!

And we’re up to now. We live back in my hometown. Okay, so not hometown but close. Lots of family nearby. God lined that up too! I’d wanted to move back home since I’d moved away pretty much, and God lined up a job for my sweet Mountain. He works with my cousin, which brings peace to my wifey heart. He gave us an awesome house, it’s just perfect for us at this point in our lives. We’re taking steps to add to our family. Everything is just so good. Hard in some ways, but good. Man, if you’re feeling down, write down the ways God has worked things out in your life, that’ll humble ya right quick.

I can’t understand why Jesus wants me. Ya know, I spend a lot of time working towards people liking me [not a quality I’m wild about in myself] and that doesn’t work a lot of the time, you can’t satisfy everyone, but Jesus, He loves me in spite of everything wrong with me. He died for the things I do wrong. He is so specific that He loves me and so broad that He loves you, too!

Thanks so much for checking out my little corner of the blog-o-sphere. I appreciate each of you so much!