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Master Bedroom Update

This post does contain affiliate links. I was compensated to write it, but the opinions are entirely my own. I would NOT push a product I don’t love.

I am so excited about this post. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve had a master bedroom that makes me super happy. I wanted something farmhouse-y, but slightly industrial mixed with a little rustic traditional. Does that even make sense? That’s what my style is. A mix. Some days I could change my whole house to bohemian and not even blink. You can’t put me in a box. I like it that way. Butttt it does make my style a little wonky!

So this is what we started with.

[This was last Christmas. I love to see how things evolve over time- decor styles, techniques, photography skills, etc]

We used to have a lot bed, with mismatched other pieces of furniture. Then the bed broke. Word to the wise- don’t try to move a log bed, or any bed for that matter, with the mattress and box springs still on it. The pegs on that bad boy will break right off. So, then we had a bed on the floor with all matching log style other furniture. This is what the log style dressers and nightstands looked like.

I had enough of that. Well, not until a sale happened. Black Friday’s online goods are my jam! So, before I get to deep in details, here’s the redone look.

The headboard is from Wayfair. This was my black Friday buy. I love the level of cozy this brings to the room. I already had the flannel sheets from Cuddl Duds that I bought at Kohl’s [not on black Friday] and the coverlet and shams from TJ Maxx.

The next MAJOR upgrade for this room is the furniture hardware. I got these cup pulls from Hickory Hardware. Click [here] to go to their website. I couldn’t handle the log style handles any more. Bring on the industrial farmhouse! I love them sooo soo much. They changed the whole look of the pieces/room.

Well, thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions about the room, email me [here], Instagram me [here], Facebook me [here].