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Mommin’ Expectantly

I’ve been thinking lately of all the ways God has been changing me, I’m hoping in route to being a mom.

So, this time 5 years ago, I thought I was ready for kids, and that was so naive of me. How little was I ready. And I know, we’re never totally ready, but the Lord saw fit for me to be changed before I get that honor. I was selfish, oh my goodness was I selfish. Let me change that-man, can I be selfish! I still struggle with it and I don’t think that’s a great attribute for a mom. Especially one that wants several kids. Selfish with time, space, energy, funds, and on and on. I wanted to sleep when I wanted to sleep and shop when I wanted to shop. I mean, I always took care of things that needed done, but I just had a priority for things I wanted to do.

I had too much ambition. Now don’t get all feminist on me, I don’t mean that’s bad, I just mean that I want to be a mom first and foremost, but I got tangled up in how much I wasn’t living out my dream. I had to make a place for raising kids because I want to do that, not a nanny or school.

I was too spoiled. I wanted what I wanted and I couldn’t see anything outside of that. Sorry Charlie, you’re outta luck.

The Lord fixed all that. I couldn’t believe how easily, too. If you turn it over to Him, he’ll take care of it! I prayed and was just open to what He was doing and He’s fixing it all.

He’s turned my attention to other things though. I never realized how much I didn’t know about raising kids until I watched my friends and family. I have such good examples.

My own momma is a woman of great softness and selflessness. She would get herself into trouble to help me and she has taught me so much about compassion and true submissive love.

My mother-in-law is, as my husband says, tough as nails, in a lot of ways, she raised my hubby and his sister and that in itself is an achievement. She is also frugal, she could pinch a penny and make it scream!

One cousin is confident in her approach to things and how she talks about the Lord with people inspires me, she is truly a people person, something I would like to be better at. She is also active, as far as involved with what her kids are doing, even day to day activities, she’s always taking them somewhere to be part of something.

Another cousin is disciplined and steadfast in her children’s disciplining. Two things I desperately need to work on. She makes decisions and controls her every whim and thought, she is in complete subjection to the Lord. Being a good disciplinarian doesn’t sound so great at first, but I mean that she says what she means and means what she says but you can tell it comes from a place of love. Another quality in her I’m grateful to be able to witness is her unwavering commitment to her husband and children, it’s inspiring to be around something so real.

An aunt has shown me flexibility in being a military wife, with constant moves and raising kids in the middle of it all. Her organization is what made me an organizer! She could pack 20 pounds of sugar in a 5 pound sack, not even joking! She’s quite a woman.

Church friends- they’re always striving to be better for Jesus and you can see that in their children.

If you have female friends around and you’re waiting to have your babes, just look around, maybe there’s a lesson in a friend. You’ll have to be open minded and have an open heart, but it’ll be good for your momma heart. And either way, you can always refer to the best place for guidance of any kind- your Bible. Us, infertile myrtle’s are in good company in there. Read about Rebekah, Sarah, Rachel, or Hannah- God knew infertility would be a thing, so He put it in His book and I love Him even more for that!

Thanks for being sweet to me and checking out my post today!


Blue Pear Farms Products

This is a sponsored post in that I did receive product in lieu of money, but all opinions are my own, as always, I would not recommend something I don’t love!

Hi there friends!

Now, keep in mind, you won’t be catching many beauty related products on my blog, but this was worthy!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Major blogging slump. We’ve been focusing on some changes happening so a lot of design/blog/everything else, has taken a back seat.

I wanted to come on here today to tell you about my friend Dana’s [her Instagram here] products [Etsy here]. She has some of the best facial scrubs and masks I have ever used!

Please forgive how the labels look, they look so good when they arrived, but I wanted to use them a while before writing a post, so the labels have gotten wet and crinkled.

A little background, I have had acne since I was 14 and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. Since we’ve started trying to have a baby, I haven’t been able to take anything for it. It has in recent years transitioned from regular ol’ horrible acne to adult acne, focused mainly around my nose and chin.

I was so happy when Farm Momma Jessica [here] introduced me and some other girls to Dana [here], she’s so sweet, y’all go check her out! She send me a couple of jars of her products to try.

First off, I love the names! The first is Barn Scrub and this stuff is capital A, amazing! It contains coconut oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Organic castile soap, Apricot oil, Jojoba oil, Camomile, Rose hips, raw sugar, cactus seed oil, rose oil, and calendula. Now, I have no idea why all these work together so well, but they do! I think maybe it’s the sugar in it that makes a gentle exfoliant on your face. It’s not like those junky scrubs I buy in store that have those big beads that are so rough on my skin!

The second is Farm Mud which is equally as good as the Barn Scrub, but I don’t use it as often. [Dana has provided instructions for use on the container]. It goes on thick and has a sinus clearing quality to it, but I’m not exactly sure of the ingredients of this one [Dana has a list if you want to know]. Both leave my skin feeling so smooth and make up ready- I usually use my Barn Scrub on Sunday & Wednesday’s at least because that makes my makeup lay nice for church!

Anyway, go see Dana and order ya some!

Happy Wednesday, y’all!