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$100 One Room Challenge- Reveal!

In case you haven’t been following along, this challenge is hosted by the lovely Erin [here] from Lemons, Lavender and Laundry. It runs for 4 (or 5) weeks, depending on how long the month is, and each week, on Wednesday, we post our progress. This is REVEAL week! I’m so excited to show you my finished product!

Check below the post for the links to other bloggers who did the challenge with me!

This was before.

So, all the blue went away. New shower curtain, new paint, stenciled roses on the big wall to the left in the photo above. New shelves for beside the vanity, moved around a few hooks. Wallpaper was originally in my plan, it had large watercolor roses, but I didn’t realize how expensive wallpaper was when I made that plan. Maybe in the future, but it just wasn’t going to work for this challenge. Also, I wanted one new rug runner from the door to the tub, but that was also outside my budget so I kept my, not really old, rugs.

Here’s the break down of how I used my $100.

White Waffle Pattern Shower Curtain- $9.98

Sherwin Williams ‘River Rouge’ Paint- $25.00

Silver, White and Pale Pink Paint- $0 (already had)

Rose Stencil- $16.95

Shelves from Hobby Lobby- $21.99 & $17.99 but 50% off= $19.98

TOTAL: $71.91

AAAnnndddd without further adue, here’s my finished master bath.

What do you think?

If you have any questions, shoot me an email, find me on Instagram [here] or comment below.

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The Way

I can’t get over why God cares about little ol’ me.

Last weekend, some ladies were going around the room, I got there late and only heard one, telling how we all came to be at the church we go to.

They asked me to share. Now, this is not my strong suit. I’m terrible at getting out what I really want to say. I’m so awkward and shy that I get in my own way.

But, it has made me think, what all did have to happen for me to get there? A way was made, where I saw now way, long before I ever knew a way would be needed. A way I would have never guessed, prayed for or wanted.

My dad died.

God can even take something like that and make a way.

This is not what I started off thinking about today, isn’t that funny how God rearranges things?! His way is better, I promise.

So, I guess I need to start from the beginning. Well, the beginning in adulthood, the way was being made long before this, but this is where the pieces start clicking for me.


May 2011- Met Mountain

      He had a good job in his hometown and work in mine was slow.

October 2011- Moved to Northern Panhandle of WV

     I didn’t mind moving. With another marriage under my belt, I really just wanted some distance. Besides, I would’ve married Mountain on day two of dating if he’d asked. God planned it out just right.

September 2012- Married Mountain

      We had love, that was it. No money, no plan. If we weren’t at work, we were drinking. Talk about lost. I wanted to move back to my hometown so badly, I nagged Mountain incessantly about it. I felt a pull.

October 2013- Dad Died. 

     Don’t get me wrong, we were close, and I love my dad, he was the best, but I see God’s hand in it all now. He was diagnosed in September with Stage IV lung cancer and by the end of October he was gone. I was far away and losing ground. God was making a way.

December 2014- Mom moved to Northern Panhandle, everyone in one house.

     It was hard to have my mom be 3 1/2 hours away from me, now living alone in a different town. Neither of us cared for that much. So, by the end of 2014, we had decided to all buy one house. My mom had recommitted her life to Jesus by then and was adamant about reading her Bible. She doesn’t know how much she helped God in getting us saved.

January 2015- First time, as a couple, at church.

     All the while, as God had taken the rock of our family, he was giving us a relationship with my mom’s side of the family. A relationship that is worth it’s weight in gold to me. My husband and my cousins husband became friends and we were put on their prayer list. They prayed that God would use them to get their list of loved ones saved, and man did He ever! God made way after way for Phillip and my Mountain to be friends. Because I was willing, but Mountain needed a little convincing. Phillip was the man for that job. He loved Mountain right to Jesus.

May 2015- Salvation full and free for us both.

       Phillip was in a single vehicle accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury that he is still recovering from. I’m both sorry and glad to say, that was the kick we needed to trust Jesus- it brought us to our knees.  At that time, we were coming to church as much as possible, but that was still only about once a month.

March 2016- Mountain got new job.

     We had gone to a WVU home game with my cousin and her husband [who we wouldn’t have been close, otherwise]. When we left, her husband said he could get Mountain on with him if he wanted to. We had talked about this possibility a few times before, but didn’t think we could commit to him being gone through the week. God lined this one up just right. So we prayed and prayed. The work was drying up where Mountain was working though, so it made the decision easier. Sometimes it’s like God takes big big things and makes them change just for us. So he took a class in January and by March he was working with the power company.

June 2016- Moved back home. 

    This job change allowed for us to move back to my home. It’s not really about my comfort, but God is so sweet and He does things so perfectly that He comforts me anyway. We’ve been in church regularly ever since. God made a way for that desire of our hearts. If you’d asked me 5 years ago if I’d ever get to move back home, I would’ve laughed.

He’s brought me through to much to not trust Him!




$100 Room Challenge- Week 3

[In case you haven’t read my other posts, this challenge was created by Erin, click her name to go to her blog, and I am joined by loads of other bloggers all redoing a room in their home for under $100, link for those sites are at the bottom of this post.]

Hey y’all!

So, we’re in the last week of the challenge before the reveal and I am struggling. Let’s just be honest, with everything moving so fast, it’s so easy to get behind, and I did. Today, I’m painting the bathroom. Check [here] for the post with all the before photos.

I’m really in love with the color the bathroom will be, I just despise painting. And another #realitycheck- I’m just plain ole not good at it. I get the stuff EVER-Y-WHERE! Usually I’m a pro at tedious things, but painting is not one of them.

I’m really hoping that the stencil I go is in the mailbox when I go out to church tonight. I don’t even want to see what it looks like if I have to freehand the flowers. If you check the my first post for this challenge, I say I want to put up some flower wallpaper, and that is still a great idea, #goals! Buuuutttt it’s a lot too expense for this, I’ll be wayyy over budget.

So you’re getting some bathroom ripped apart photos- such as these:


Anyone have a tip for getting in between the vanity and the wall? the paintbrush won’t even fit.

and some of my favorite products- like SPACKLE!

Do y’all love to spackle? Have you seen those ‘so satisfying’ videos, it sounds dirty, but I promise I wouldn’t be watching if they were- they’re things like people playing with sand and play dough and slicing through soft stuff. Well, puttying is kind of like that to me. It’s relaxing but oh so satisfying.

Who needs a workbench? Just use a vanity!

Sorry there’s not more juicy things to show you, but I don’t want to give away the stencil magic that’s about to happen. Check back next week for the full reveal, I’m excited to show you the end. All I have left to purchase is a shower curtain and rod and maybe a rug.


Total spent so far: $61.93

Sherwin Williams River Rouge Paint: $25.00

Stencil $16.95

Silver/Pink/White/Green Paint- already had $0

Hobby Lobby Shelves- $21.99 + $17.00= 39.98 discounted 50%= 19.98 for BOTH!



All I have left to do is buy a new shower curtain, maybe a new rod, and a new rug I think. I’m excited to show you the final product next week.

Thanks for stopping by!

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One Room Challenge- Week Two!

Hey again! Another week, another part of the challenge.

Last week I posted about what room I’m doing and my plans [here].

This whole challenge was started by Erin over on her blog- Lemons, Lavender and Laundry [here]. Annndddd I’m happy to announce that she was selected by the Rachael Ray show to promote this challenge on live tv!

So, I can say I’m part of this challenge ‘as seen on the Rachael Ray show’.

If you want even more inspiration, and I would highly suggest it, keep reading- there’s tons more links to other bloggers doing this same challenge at the bottom.

Okay, so on to my part- my original plan was to wallpaper the wall between the shower and the door, but I didn’t realize how pricey wallpaper was when I made that plan! Wow! If I wasn’t trying to stick to $100 for this challenge I would just suck it up and pay because that wallpaper is awesome, but that’s not the name of this game. So, now I’m looking more towards a) floral decals, b) learning to paint a floral mural or c) a roller with a floral print on it. Anyone have an suggestions?

I found this stencil that could work:

The next big question is, should I paint the vanity? I really don’t want to paint it white, but I’m afraid the tone of the wood is too much with the reddish-brown color I’m painting in there.

Remember: the wall color will be like the background on this photo…

So far, I’ve pretty much just puttied holes and bought paint, and those shelves. I’ve had a busy week of canning garden veggies and getting caught up after vacation.

Watch my Instagram stories for updates! And come back next week to see what has changed!

$100 Room Challenge- Week 1

Hey hey hey!

How are y’all? Can you believe summer is over? I can’t.

Summer is my favorite. Lake days. Hot sun. Messy hair. No makeup. Gardening. Ahhhh, summer.

Buuuutttt, that’s over. Well, not officially per the calendar, but everyone is already breaking out their fall decor and I’ll have a post on that in the next week or so but that’s not what we’re here to talk about today.

I was on Instagram [here] a while back and noticed some ladies participating in the #100roomchallenge . I was intrigued. I started asking around. How do I get to part of this? I was directed to Erin and her blog [@lemonslavenderlaundry] who runs the challenge.

So, be watching for a post weekly about my progress with this room redo.

I chose my master bathroom.

Here are some before pictures.

It’s not a huge spa bath, but it’s not dinky either.

We had already put shelving in the nook above the toilet months ago, so I’m not including that in the price of the overall redo.

Here is my mood board. It shows what I’m thinking as far as paint and changeable features of the room.

Okay, so let’s break this down. The background color will be the wall color. Well, at least a color similar to this one, called River Rouge by Sherwin Williams- it’s part of the West Virginia paint color grouping and I loved it so much I wanted to put it in my WV home. So, it’s like a brownish- maroon, depending on the light. As far as I know, I’ll be leaving the vanity, flooring, toilet & tub the same. I want to do some floral wallpaper on one wall, but we’ll see how that goes budget-wise when I get into it more. I’m also considering shiplap, we’ll see! I need a jute rug runner for the floor- I feel like it would look the best and it’ll not get mildew-y since it’s in a room that pretty much stays damp. I also purchased some of those hanging triangle shelves from Hobby Lobby last week so I’m excited to see how those tie in.

Well, I’m so glad you’ve checked out what’s going on around here. Go check out these other blogs that are also participating in the #100roomchallenge.