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Baby Griffith Update

No, I’m not pregnant yet. I say yet, because I am under full conviction that God WILL provide a baby for us when He’s ready. I will not live in fear, discouragement, or disbelief in His promises. He led me to this dream and He’ll bring me through.

I’m trying to get this blog more evenly distributed between homemaking and infertility posts so stay with me while I get there. Next Monday, I will start ‘Momma Heart Mondays’ where another blogger/ttc sister helps me by either answering my interview questions or writing their story out. So either sign up to get an email when I have a new post or follow me on Instagram here and I’ll tell you when to check it out.

So, I’ve been reading ‘Grace, Not Perfection’ by Emily Ley and wow! This girl spent some time figuring things out! I love it so far, 2 pages in and I was sobbing. Anyway, good book review cut short- she inspired me to spend some time today doing things that can rejuvenate and make today and day’s ahead better.

I am currently in a hotel. Yep, confined to a hotel. Ovulation days call for desperate measures. I always feel weird sharing this specific of stuff, but being real is vulnerable and awkward so here we are. First thing out of bed today, I had some hotel breakfast, mostly carbs, but man was I craving a waffle. Then, I had planned to exercise. Usually during the day, I’m pretty active, but not necessarily enough to help with fitness and weight loss so I’m trying to be more intentional with how my time is spent and making sure to get some exercise in there. I enrolled in Revelation Wellness’s online workout videos and did one of her 20 minute kickboxing videos.

Then I helped someone. Well, I tried to anyway, but the effort is what counts and that always makes my heart feel good. I always get more from helping someone than the someone gets from my help. I had a hot shower, those are always relaxing. Then I went outside to the pool, it is such a beautiful day today, to read my Bible, do my devotional and another chapter in ‘Grace, Not Perfection’.

I apologize, these photos aren’t stellar quality, but the day was so good, and I didn’t feel like over playing this awesome hand I was dealt so I just went with what I could get.

Then, it got a little cloudy, and I felt a few rain drops so I came in for a snack- freshly picked strawberries. So. Much. Yum!

If you put good in- God, fruits and veggies, kindness- you get good out.

Now, go to something that will make your day so. much. yum! Take a hike, do a craft, tell someone ya love ’em, anything that will free your happiness.

Love y’all!

DIY Garden Stakes

Are you thinking about steaks now? No, not those kind of steaks, get your mind on DIY and off the grill. Although, boy a steak sure does sound yummy.

Anyway, I was exploring Lowe’s one day. Ya know, I find the coolest things sometimes, usually not what I went in for, but they work out none the less! So, I was back in the aisle with the screw-in table legs and decorative wooden embellishments and found these…

I honestly have no idea what they were made for. Do you know? Maybe they were intended to be garden stakes, if so kudos to Lowe’s. Anyway, so to make them into garden stakes, I used chalk paint, mostly because I already had it and it gives me the flat texture I wanted on already rough wood.

Please excuse my work boots.

I originally thought, I’ll use chalk to write on it, but then mother nature spoke up, in rain form, and reminded me that chalk would wash off with the first good rain so I decided to just use a paint marker to write on them.

I can’t wait to get these babies in my garden this weekend.

What do you guys use for garden stakes? I’m trying to be Joanna Gaines and pretty everything up.

What are you planting in your gardens?

Custom Burlap Containers

{I was compensated for this post, but as always, my opinions are my own. I would not push a product I don’t love.}

I was asked by my good friend Maria to review her burlap wrapped containers and you guys, I can’t even understand why people pick me to do this, but I’m always so humbled and thankful!

On to the product- she hand wraps these containers which include vases, mason jars, and dairy jars. I received one of the wrapped quart mason jars which is just the cutest little thing. So, where do you need storage? I did a top 5 list of ways to use this container, but the possibilities are endless!

  1. Maria had checked out my laundry room redo here and here and suggested that the container be used there, so I tried that out first. I used it to hold my extra clothespins, but if you use pods or unstoppables or bleach pens, whatever- it could easily fit in one of these babies.

2.   I also tried it out as a flower holder, please forgive these wax mamma jamma’s but I don’t buy fresh flowers every day. Unless FarmGirl Flowers lets me brand rep for them, I will only have fresh flowers if they grow in my yard or I get a great deal.

3.  The next way I used the mason jar was in my office. There are so many ways, friend. Paintbrushes, acrylic paint in tubes, paper clips, push pins, and on and on. I chose to put these ugly, dirty golf balls inside. & the best part, I couldn’t see them! It was a pretty replacement for storage that hides the ugly.

4.  Did you consider it in the bathroom? I stuffed all my small size (okay, okay, the ones from hotels- those babies are mine!!!) inside and it concealed them so well. The ugly mismatched containers were not a problem because all you can see is her beautiful jar.

5.  The final way I styled the custom container was as a gift. Again, what could you not put in it?! You could put a special cookie mix, coffee, oats, anything in there! I chose to fill it with Reese’s peanut butter eggs, my hubby’s favorite!

If you’ve never met Maria– go check her out on Instagram by clicking her name!

This is a link directly to her Etsy account.

I promise you won’t be sorry! She is the sweetest and has a real knack for what she does.

If you already have one, how did you use it? Let us know!

DIY Wicker Patio Rockers

How to Liven Up Your Patio

{I was not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated in any way by the brands listed on this page. All opinions are my own}

In the Instagram and blogging home design community, it is very popular to go ‘junkin’: to look for ‘finds’ and fix ’em up! Scrape, sand, putty, paint, reupholster, whatever it takes to put some life into those pieces.

We all love a good DIY. What’s even better than a DIY? A frugal DIY! This project was approximately a $10 fix after purchasing both rockers for $25. So total cost- $35.

When I bought them from one of those Facebook yard sale sites they were in rough shape. They had been kept outside, which is where they belong, but the weather is always hard on things. It doesn’t matter what season it is, it could rain, sleet, snow, sunshine or hail at any moment without much notice. Odds of getting all my patio furniture covered are slim to none.

ha. Were you expecting a photo of the before?

Yeah, wrong blog.

Total fail on my part. Just take my word for it, worn brown wicker rockers.

This is what the cushion fabric looked like before though.

Before, the cushions had this awful 70’s fabric on them, and fabric doesn’t really work for me since they’ll be outside. What could I recover them with that we use outside and is waterproof?

Vinyl tablecloths, my friend! I liked this pattern the best. It was $5 at Big Lots. Woot for frugality!

The cushions were approximately 18″ x 20″ so it only took one of the large rectangular size to do both.

Directions for Reupholstering Cushions:

{Technical terms not required}

1- First, place the fabric upside down on a flat surface. Lay cushion upside down on top of fabric. Pull up one side and staple in place.

2- Next, go to the opposite side and pull fabric taught from all angles. Do remaining 2 sides.

3- Then, trim down the sides of fabric so there isn’t a ton extra; staple where loose.

4- Finally, the corners. Make sure to pull each corner tightly, check for ripples or overlap (there may be some regardless of tightness) and staple in place.

My two favorite crafting tools are a hot glue gun and a staple gun!

Spray paint is a close third. It’s usually my ace in the hole.

 The spraypaint below from Rust-oleum is the best, especially in that ergonomically handled can.

I was only able to get one coat of paint on them before the rain started. That was 2 weeks ago.

I love how the furniture looks now.

Next year I’ll probably have to recover them, just because that kind of cover tends to fade. It may be ripped by then, too- birds and dogs think I do these outside projects for them.

I’d love to hear about your ideas!

What DIY projects are you trying this summer?

What are your outside sitting options?

Utility Room/Butler’s Pantry


I call it both, utility room and butler’s pantry because I want both so much and I can’t decide which way I want to go with it. I feel like, after having put all my small appliances on it, I could style food better than those awkward things.

This room was a tan color, with cream colored trim, and tan flooring. Beige everywhere is not my thing, and I needed a serious amount of storage, so I went to Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. It seems like I get as much out of the Instagram design community for ideas as I do Pinterest. It’s a plethora of awesomeness.

This post, about my floor transformation was inspired by this post from Designer trapped in a lawyer’s body. You can do it, too! Frugal and lovely! Two of my favorite things!

I bought a shelving unit, all metal, at Lowe’s (approximately $95). I love a good industrial look. Mix it with some farmhouse and this girl is swooning. I would suggest measuring, thank the good Lord it fit because this girl bought it on a whim, a very bad habit of mine.

These photos are after.

I’m still working on styling them, so don’t be too harsh, I just wanted to show what I have so far.