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Shopping at Magnolia Market

{All photos, except this map, are property of Magnolia Market}

{All photos are from Magnolia Market’s website, I didn’t not alter them in any way. All opinions are my own; I will receive no monetary or material commission for this post}


Did you read my post here about going to Texas next month?

I am so excited.

My hubby’s job won’t let him take the time off when I am aiming to go, so my sister is gonna road-trip it with me.

It takes about 17 hours to get there, so we’ve always taken two days to do it. We leave early one morning, make it most of the way through Arkansas, then do the rest of the trip the next day. It works out better as far as sleep and recovery go. 17 hours straight in a car is a long time. Plus, hotels have hot tubs. Can I get a hot tub?

So, I thought I ‘d put together a list of the top things I want to purchase at Magnolia Market! Have you looked at their website? They have sooooo much, it’s hard to choose, but I have been able to narrow it down some. 

I definitely need some of these cotton branches. {I remember someone else telling me they needed some, too- if you are her, please message me, I’ve forgotten who you were!} They’re so versatile and add a certain softness to a room.

I love these measuring spoons. I have some copper ones, but I have to say, copper isn’t really my thing. These enamelware ones are awesome though.

A Texas Forever shirt- because well, Texas Forever! I love Texas. If I couldn’t live in my mountains, I’d want to live in Texas.

I love long sleeved t’s. They’re so great for early mornings or with shorts on a day that’s a little chilly but will get warmer. Coziness is my game.

For the hubs because I’m soooo sure he and Chip are kindred spirits.

Support. Support. Support. And bad hair days!

For 1- I love how they’re packaged! But 2- I really want to raise my own, maybe inside in the kitchen or on my patio, I haven’t decided yet, but hopefully JoJo let her green thumb touch them and they’ll stay alive at my house- I suck with plants!

Industrial Farmhouse is my jam. These would fit right in. I really love the home and gather ones and I already have a wall spot picked out for them.

I’m going to be honest with this one. I love it for it’s intended purpose- serving, buuutttt I also love it to leave up against the wall behind a small appliance and cover up outlets. Boom- two birds, one stone.

Bread Boards- I’m trying to train myself to be more hospitable. I’m usually a “the glasses are in the cabinet by the sink and the sweet tea is in the fridge” kind of hostess- I just expect people to be comfortable at my house, but I should be more service minded!

There are a few things that I reallllyyy want, but I’m trying to find for a better deal- it’s not like they’re stamped with Magnolia anyway, so it doesn’t really matter where they come from:

I could really use one of these cup racks, not one quite this big.

I love these signs. I’d kind of like to have one that’s not as common as this bakery one is {check instagram, they’re everywhere}.

And one final thing, that I’ll just have to bring home.

No, we’re not pregnant yet, but hopefully soon!

Have a sweet day guys!

Master Bath Shelving

{All opinions are my own; I was not compensated in any way for this post}

Hey hey!

Is everyone having the weather I’ve been having?

So beautiful.

Come on, Spring!

So I really needed some shelving in my master bath.

I just never seemed to be able to find a good place for my towels, washcloths, and hand towels.

So last week I went to Lowe’s for some brackets.

I ended up with just basic triangle shaped brackets that could hold a 12″ board.

I wanted something in a silvery finish because my fixtures in the tub and the sink are all stainless.

So, my sweet husband humored me and cut a board and screwed these to the wall.

Yay! Storage!

This whole project cost less than $30 and most of that were the brackets.

{Towels, washcloths and hand towels are from Home Goods; White baskets are from walmart; Cotton wreath is from Home Goods; Pineapple is from Hobby Lobby}

Thanks for stopping by!

Repurposed for my Purpose

{I was not compensated at all for this post, all opinions are my own}

Hey hey y’all!

How is February for you guys?

It’s working out pretty well here. Good news on the baby front. No, no babies yet, but options, and this girl likes to have options.

Decor is going up every day. I’m working on some things that will hopefully keep you guys coming back. Have any of you guys started spring cleaning yet? I’m kind of old-fashioned when it comes to that, I want to drag everything out, clean, clean the stuff, then put it all back, but that is quite a job by myself, so gradually it will get done.

Anywho, I blogged here a few weeks ago about my laundry room redo. When we put up the new shelving, the old had to come down. It didn’t break my heart because I couldn’t reach half the shelves anyway, but it was a solid wood piece so that baby got some relovin’.

I took it to the basement and sanded it with a palm sander for the most part, which by the way, if you have a belt sander, that would be soooo much easier, but ours broke about 2 strokes in so I went to old faithful. It took a little longer but it smoothed out nicely.

Back in the summer I painted my red dining/living rooms white from the ceiling to halfway down, then the beadboard bottoms are a griege color, I’ll blog specifics on that another day. So I painted the shelf white, too. It took about 4 coats total including a primer base, the wood just seemed to soak up the paint.

I had my sweet husband hang it above my grandmother’s buffet in my dining room to display some of my dishes and other goodies. This is what it looks like right now, sources below photos.

The small metal cups were my paps’s- his favorite milk cups. The candlestick in the back, I made, actually from pieces for stairs. The candle is a battery operated one from an Amazon bulk store. The tobacco basket in the back is from, you guessed it, Hobby Lobby. I really loved the antique ones on Etsy more, but those prices, whew! The milk bottle we found in our yard at one of our other houses and the flowers in that bottle are also from Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby! If you want to hire me, email me!

The greenery in the ‘bowl’ to the left is from Hobby Lobby. That ‘bowl’ is actually a cake plate that goes together several different ways. Hopefully in the Spring I can get some real plants that look like this, but in the meantime, I can definitely keep these ones alive. {I do not have a green thumb at all}. The metal, I think it’s a grease can, or maybe waterer, is from a junk shop as are the metal serving trays on this shelf. Please contact me and tell me what that can is if I’m wrong.

The ‘Gather’ pieces is just a wooden round from Hobby Lobby painted with chalk paint, but I love it, I’ve used it for my home, for craft shows, etc. It’s an easy, effective piece.

The vintage Pyrex bakeware was my momma’s. It goes so well with my other plates I hated to get rid of it, besides one day it might be the blue willow of dishes. The wooden masher is a legitimate antique we’ve used for canning for decades.

Well, I just really appreciate y’all stopping by. It means a lot to little ol’ me.

Have a great week!

Spring Preview

{Post is not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own}

Hi all!

Is everyone as excited for Spring as I am?

I’m trying to get my planning together because I want to deep clean this house, buuuuttttt there’s no point in starting that until I’m sure it’s not going to snow again because sometimes we use wood heat and that produces a lot of extra dirt. Also, since it’s cold more often than not, our dogs spend a lot of time inside and it’s hard to get things really clean with two furry mutts inside 24/7.

So I’ve been adding little touches here and there.

Starting with my dining room. Tablescapes/centerpieces are one of my favorite things to do. I rework them about once a week though so if you follow me on Instagram {Just click on ‘Instagram’} then you’ll see when I change it up. Right now- this what it looks like. {Sources will be under each photo}

It’s so simple and clean- I can have it there for the day, but pull it to the side when there’s a meal to share and it’s not a big deal to restyle or anything. Next week might be more elaborate but right now I’m feeling the simplicity and ease of this one.

The dough bowl is from McCain’s Furniture out of Texas, but I found it on Etsy. Check them out! They have sugar molds too that I’ll blog about soon.

Also that uhhh, table rug, for lack of a better term, under the dough bowl is from Hobby Lobby. I really love that thing. It adds texture and depth to the set up but it’s not a full runner and that saves me a lot of clean up/washing time.

The white ‘picket fence’ basket is from Hobby Lobby {you’ll see that things being from Hobby Lobby is a recurring thing for me}. The wooden rounds in it are custom pieces via my Hubby. I use this basket for a toothpick and napkin holder right now- it works well that way.

The metal orbs in the middle are Hobby Lobby, too. I love them, they’re so versatile and add that industrial look that I love paired with the farmhouse look. The branches in the back are Hobby Lobby also, I think I’ve used them for every seasons decor since I bought them.

The small clay pots are just WalMart clearance I picked up last year for decor- later in the Spring these will probably migrate outside to actually hold plants of some sort, but right now they add just the right touch to this piece.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you liked it.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Tell me how you’ve started spring decorating?!

Tomorrow I’m blogging about the shelf I repurposed in my dining room.

Calendars and Cribs

So- I don’t know how elaborate I’ve gotten in the past with what we’ve tried to get pregnant.


Well, ya know, not nothing.

I wasn’t counting on immaculate conception- God only did that once, so we are doing what mommies and daddies do when they love each other.

But medically, we haven’t been doing anything.

We weren’t sure we were ready to do anything else.

But then…God shut down the OB/GYN I was seeing.

No, seriously.

Not even delivering babies unless an absolute emergency.

So, I went to a different doctor.

One that came pretty highly recommended in my area.

I really liked him and he explained things in a different way that we had heard them before.

So, starting this week we will start charting along with Provera and Clomid.

I’m excited- I love having options.

For a while options were shut down.

But then God opened doors.

Ain’t he great?!

We’re very hopeful.

And prayerful.

What prayers did you pray through your medical treatments for a baby?

Anyways, I’d love it if you followed me on Instagram- I post regularly about Infertility issues and progress on there.

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