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Laundry Room Redo

I’ve made a promise to myself to stop being so wasteful in so many ways, it’s part of my ‘word for 2016’- self control. So when I decided to redo the laundry room, because I needed more storage space, I decided not to waste the shelf I had to take down to make room different storage.

The white cabinet in the middle was part of a section of shelving in our utility room that I didn’t need because I’m redoing that room too. So that section came into the laundry room, the laundry room shelf went to the dining room and we built the rest of the shelving for the laundry room.

Y’all- my husband. I just tell him what I want and he makes it happen. He’s too good to me.

Anyway, the only part I haven’t redone yet is the flooring.

I’m planning to do white plank vinyl like one of these two. Opinions welcome!

I love it and it works so much better for my storage needs.

The post with the flooring changes will be in with my spring cleaning posts.

I’m not going to give you measurements for these shelves because our laundry rooms won’t be the same so measurements won’t do you any good.

We spent about $100 in materials- but we have several pieces leftover that I’ve used for other projects- so I’d say, with no exact certainty, that it was around a $75.00 project.

We did end up buying a miter saw made by Kobalt that is just awesome for projects like this.

It took us the better part of an afternoon to complete the shelving- but more like a day total with painting and measuring and buying materials, etc.

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Delayed Prayers

“If God answered every prayer you’ve prayed for the past month, how would that further the global cause for Christ?”

I just loved this quote on @morganharringtonart ‘s Instagram.

I’ve post in the past about “the wait” but I don’t think from this angle.

Let’s back up instead of thinking in terms of my baby.

We need to think about when my mom had me and my husband’s momma had him.

My parents tried for 8 years before having me. I am 2 years older than my husband. My husband’s mom had a miscarriage before him. So, if I had been born 8 years sooner I would be 10 years older than him, which doesn’t make our relationship impossible but a lot more unlikely. If he had been the baby his mom miscarried then she wouldn’t have had my man, he might have been someone else’s man, or a girl. (No I’m not bashing homosexual couples, I’m just not homosexual so it wouldn’t have worked.) There are so many ways that this could have not worked out.  I was born with pneumonia and my lungs collapsed shortly after birth. The treatments they used to keep me alive had the possibility of causing brain or physical disabilities- God said otherwise. When my husband was 17, he got a staph infection in his arm, probably from a spider bite, that was hours and inches away from killing him if the infection had made it to his heart. God said otherwise.

I’m not saying that I have this patience/gracefully waiting thing under control. I have days that seem like everyone ever in the history of ever ever is pregnant, especially that one girl, I don’t like that had next to no trouble getting knocked up. But God has a plan, and I’m pretty sure it includes getting me to stop thinking things like I just typed.  He’s changing me. All these situations I walk in to, I always think ‘how can I help them’, but usually I’m the one getting the help. It challenges me. It breaks me down. And what is built back up is always better than what was there before. It’s more compassionate, more loving, and more vulnerable and I like all that. The more vulnerable I am toward and for God, the more I feel Him in my every day. & if you’ve ever felt that, then all you want to do is feel it more.

I do believe that God’s going to give me a baby.

But I also believe He uses different methods to get our attention.

Winter Refresh

When Christmas was over, like the day after- I started taking down the decor.

Instagram was whirlwind of ladies talking about whether to take theirs down or leave it up.

I didn’t really have a lot of choice in the mater, not that it would have changed anything, but the hubby was off the week between Christmas and New Year’s so it only made sense to have it down so he could help me put it away because I have a bunch of it. I really need to purge that too, but it’ll have to wait until next year- the styles will change anyway.

So room refreshes needed to happen post- Christmas decor.

I still love the winter-y, flocked tree’s and cozines of it all so I’m trying to simplify and winterize without the holiday accents.

Here’s what I’ve got (but please, don’t limit me to this- a post may pop up that has everything completely different- follow me on Instagram @stephaniegriffithhome to see my ‘stories’ about up to date changes)

I have a dutch door that I can’t decide if I want on the front or the back of the house. Any ideas? (Please excuse my recycling bag by the door, it’s the only way I’ll remember to actually take it to the recycling bin)

Those wreaths beside the bookshelf are from Christmas as are the trees on the mantle, but I love them so they’re staying until spring! I have got to figure out how to vignette the crap out of those shelves and I can’t decide if I want to leave the red backgrounds or paint.

This is our tv/family room. I really need a sofa table, but I can’t decide on one, are you seeing a pattern of indecision here?

This wreath came from this tutorial!


Hi mom!

I like to throw out hi’s to my loyal reader.

Yes, just one- don’t judge.

Anywho, I’m planning a trip to Texas in March!

I hope you understand how exciting this is.

Did you hear me right?

I’m going to Texas!

JoJo- Be there or be square!!

I’ve been pinterest-ing the trips others have gone on- there are a lot of blog posts devoted to the trip.

Like these:

{Click the photo to read the blog posts I read}

(These are not affiliate links, all are my opinion solely)

I’m planning to visit Magnola Market, Clint Harp’s shop and I’m basing my trip dates off of the spring antique week at Round Top. I’m sooooo pumped!

While I’m in Waco, since I’m assuming the Market and Clint’s shop won’t take all day- I’m planning to peruse Waco too!

I’m currently in purge mode at my house- but you can bet this girl will be coming back with goodies in March.

Do y’all have any tips for me?

Any food I just cannot pass up? Any markets I would kick myself for not stopping by?


Not the slang ‘word’.

Word, as in, my word for the year.

Ya know, a lot of people I think, spiritually and otherwise, choose a word every new year and try to exemplify it the whole year through. Theoretically it’s supposed to improve your life in some fashion.

Last year, I chose simplify.

I chose this not only spiritually, mentally, emotionally but materialistically. I wanted to downsize in a lot of ways. In some ways, I really did well, all glory to God, and some ways I did really badly, all slacking on me. I chose it because I looked around and saw a plethera of junk, not necessarily bad stuff but stuff that I didn’t need, didn’t bring happiness, cluttered and got in the way. So between moving and a yard sale once we moved (I really tried to go through it all as I packed, but then I got here and realized I still had things I didn’t need/want). I really got rid of a lot at that yard sale. But I’m looking around still thinking ‘simplify it’! Another way I’ve not simplified enough is this blog. I really wanted to make it a priority, to produce amazing content and do it consistently but I feel like I’m always behind on other things so the blog suffers. This is where my word for 2017 comes in.

Sidenote- it seems like other see using these words for yearly change motivation as a one and done kind of deal. I see them as building blocks. If I did last years word well enough, it should be so ingrained that I just keep up with it, so then the next year I do a new word and then by the next year that word is so ingrained that I keep doing that.

So, with all this being said, my word for 2017 is Self-Control. I lack this in a lot of areas. I lack it in finances, eating habits, exercising, relationships (not extra-martially for the nosey people, but I mean being christian-like in all relationships), emotionally, mentally. As you can see, I feel like I need more self-control in pretty much all areas.

I sincerely hope that 2017 is good to us all, but if it’s not, I hope we see God in it anyways.