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Christmas Home Tour- Master Bedroom


The last room and my favorite- our master bedroom.

I think it is by far the Christmas-y-est as far as decor goes.

I printed the ‘merry and bright’ and the deer silhouette from Pinterest.

The pitcher and the ‘T’ and ‘S’ are from Hobby Lobby.

And the two lower frames just have wrapping paper in them.

Those curtains though- I love them.

They’re by Lush Decor and I ordered them through Zulily.

That duvet cover and shams are from Target, as well as the sheets, but the sheets were bought last year.

That pom pom garland came from White Lane Decor’s blog- she’s awesome, check her out now!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Home Tour- Family Room

No words, just pictures and no even very many of them.

My dogs always want to be in on the action (see photo below)

So cozy.

I just love this time of year.

Christmas Home Tour- Spare Room

Again- not too many words going on on these posts.

This room was a challenge because what you don’t see is all the gift wrapping stuff in the back corner.

I flocked the crap out of this tree with some spray snow and it looks awesome in person, but you can barely tell in pictures. How did you do DIY flocking?

Christmas Home Tour- Kitchen/Dining/Hall

Again, not saying much in these home tour posts, just pics.

Thanks for stopping by.

Baskets- yard sale

Log round and musical moose- hobby lobby

Wreath- Dollar Tree

All other products were either made by me or given to me.

NOEL letters- Michaels

Scale- Estate Auction

One of those awesome glass trees (I’m pretty sure if this thing gets broken, I’m outta my husband’s family).

2 Moose (mooses?)- Hobby Lobby

Charlie Brown Tree- Hobby Lobby

Santa’s bag- Wayfair (I think)

Christmas Home Tour 2016- Front Room

I’m going to keep words to a minimum on my Christmas home tour posts.

The sources for things bought this year will be at the end of each post.

Thanks for coming by!

Oh no- I just realized the light strand is all jacked up in this picture. Oh well, life right?!

I gotta work on those shelves…taking suggestions, email me!

I love this sign too much to take it down for other decor so I just added these trees from Hobby Lobby.

We get new ornaments each year. Either we buy them or they’re a gift, but either way it’s like a tradition to have a new ornament each year.

This one is hand blown glass from Tamarack that we picked up on our way to our honeymoon the second year we were together.

This was last years- ever hopeful.

This one was specifically for me from Tyler’s dad- ain’t he sweet (sarcasm)!

This one was from Tyler’s parents for our first Christmas together.

and this last photo is because everyone has pictures with these little red trucks, I gave in a jumped on that bandwagon which is strictly against my ethics.

Check back soon for another room.