20 Facts about Me {Instagram Game}

Hi y’all. I was tagged by well, several IG buddies to share 20 facts about myself and I think I’ve put it off as long as I can.

I hate it when I go to look at something awesome on IG and it’s accompanied by a novel…it’s too much. Instagram is supposed to be easy (for social media, anyway) so I decided that I’d share the first 5 on Insta then link up the rest on my blog. If you disagree and write novels on your posts, don’t be upset with me, just know that my short attention span doesn’t allow me to read them. Blogs, even my own, is tedious work for me sometimes.

Okay, so on with the game.

To recap:

1. I went to school for interior design and event planning but did not complete the degrees.

2. I have been maried for 5 years to my knight in shining FR clothes.

3. We have been trying to have a baby for going on 3 years.

4. Jesus saved me when I was 10, but I didn’t start living like it until I was 27.

5. I have a blog– www.stephaniegriffithhome.com/20-facts-instagram-game/ ┬áto see the rest of these facts.

6. When I was born, my lungs collapsed. I was on a ventilator and the medical staff told my parents I’d probably be brain damaged or disabled physically. God would’ve been good even if things had gone the other way, but glory to Him, the only challenges I have are the ones I make myself.

7. Cooking is not my favorite, but I do love homemaking and that’s part of it, so cooking for people who appreciate a hot meal makes my heart flutter.

8. I love helping with others farms and I want one of my own some day, but I know relatively nothing about keeping one running.

9. My mom wanted my initials to spell something, so they named me Stephanie Allison Griffith- SAM. When I got married I became SAG. Stop laughing!

10. I can play the flute.

11. I’m a brand rep! I can’t believe people like me enough to let me advertise their items but I’m definitely thankful they do!

12. I love to doodle and I always have a notebook on hand.

13. I do not have a green thumb, but I keep on trying. Those poor plants.

14. I have 2 mutts and I think that mutts make the best fur babies!

15. Auction are my favorite way to find junk.

16. My word of 2017 is self control. God shows me new ways every day to use that word.

17. I don’t know how some designers expect me to put a room together and leave it alone. It. Must. Be. Rearranged! & Often!

18. I’ve never flown or been out of the US.

19. My favorite song is Amazing Grace.

20. My husband calls me Red because of my red hair. So naturally my pop of color in my designs is Red.

Well, if you stuck around this long, and you’re part of the design community on IG, please consider yourself tagged. I’m pretty sure everyone has already done it because I waited so long to do mine. Gosh. I’m a slacker.

Thanks for reading until the end!

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